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How it works

Collectibles are priced at roughly $50 in Sats on launch, and this Sat price is then fixed. This means the fate of the publication is tied to Bitcoin. As time passes, the fiat price of each Collectible will change, while the price in Sats will remain static. We recommend you pick up some extras because there will be a healthy secondary market

Other Options

For those of you who are less collectible-inclined, The Bitcoin Times will also be available in a series of mediums which you can purchase, tip or download for free. Go to the “Editions” page to see what is available across Amazon, Audible, Spotify, through Mash or as a free download when you sign up to the mailing list.


Note that this project is an ever-evolving work in progress so not everything is available all at once. As new formats are released, we’ll let you know via twitter and email. So get on each and stay tuned!

Special Editions

The following 8 copies of each Edition will be auctioned off annually, here on the shop:











Subscribers to the mailing list or followers on twitter will be notified when they go on sale, so get on both now!


They will also come with a special collectors certificate.