Ed 3. The Legend of Prometheus

Edition 3 of The Bitcoin Times will forever mark the final compilation for a decade which set the stage for the clown world to follow.Edition 2 was a monumental undertaking and almost prophetic in nature, but this one is unique because it was released against the backdrop of a world gone completely mad.


2020 will forever draw a line in the sand for humanity. It was in many ways the year to end a period of surface level innocence before the veil came down. What unfolds in the coming decade, nobody can know but the contributors have each put forth their wisdom in an attempt to better understand, and hopefully prepare.


Parker Lewis, Giacomo Zucco, Jimmy Song, Erik Cason, Jeff Booth and Aleksandar Svetski come together in a tour-de-force of Bitcoin content across almost 70 pages.

We hope you enjoy it, and continue to follow and support all the contributors.


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