Ed 1. Blockchain is Dead

The first edition is a set of long form essays by Aleksandar Svetski, covering a broad array of topics, including:

  • Why blockchain doesn’t work and is at best hype, or at worst, a fraudulent idea
  • Blockchain’s broken promise, and why Bitcoin is the real innovation
  • Immutability is a Service (Iaas)
  • The Bitcoin Operating System (BoS)
  • Bitcoin & The Internet: A Comparison
  • Networks & How they function
  • Lightning: What is it, what’s its potential?
  • Money, as the fabric of society.

The original talk, that inspired the Bitcoin Times, and covers the above topics is also available on YouTube:


Blockchain is Dead


This was the very first Bitcoin Times, and was designed multiple times. It is currently undergoing the final re-design to bring it within the new brand guidelines, along with the addition of a new foreword by Ross Stevens – before being made available for download.


The Collectible Edition will be available for purchase early 2023. Stay tuned!

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