Each Edition of The Bitcoin Times is a carefully curated set of essays, focused on a particular theme. Here you can browse all of the currently available editions, and when you click on one, you’ll be able to select a format for purchase or download. Collectibles are priced at roughly $50 on launch, and the price in Sats is fixed. This means the fate of the publication is tied to Bitcoin.

As time passes, the fiat price of each Collectible will increase, while the price in Sats will remain static. We recommend you pick up some extras because there will be a healthy secondary market for these 2100 never to be printed again, Collectible copies. For those of you who are less collectible-inclined, The Bitcoin Times will be available in a series of mediums which you can purchase, tip or download for free.

This publication is an ever-evolving work in progress so not everything is available at once. As we release new formats, we’ll let you know via twitter and email.